When deploying to a disaster scenario whether you are in the field or at an Emergency Operation Center, you often have no prior knowledge of what resources will be available to you and your Go Kit will need to have the resiliency to accommodate whatever you encounter.  The Connect Quick Surface Plate Set gives you the parts necessary to mount your antennas onto odd shaped supports such as power poles, sign posts, tower legs etc. or whatever you might find.  In addition, it will attach your antennas to a flat wall such as an EMCOMM trailer, a van or an EOC wall.  
To use the surface plate around odd shaped items, there are two thin slots in the surface plate and when it is sandwiched against the mast plate it will hold hose clamps of any length that can be selected to fit the support it is going on.  There are four stainless steel bolts and lock washers that will secure the two plates together.

To use this against a wall, the installer can bolt through the top and bottom slots on the mast plate and surface plate and then through the wall or use lags directly into a supporting timber etc.  If a weather seal is required, there is a gasket in the set which will go between the mast plate and the wall and will squeeze down to seal the entire back of the plate.  In the center of the gasket is a hole where the installer can pass their antenna cable through and it will stretch to accommodate the cable and seal it from the weather.  A plug is provided to keep the weather and insects out if the cable is not used.

This is the Swiss Army Knife of antenna mounts!

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CQS - Surface Plate Set

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